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Performing Above the High - PATH


The Performing Above the High (PATH) Project was created through funding from the Fresno County Department of Behavioral Health to reduce marijuana use among youth and young adults, ages 12-20, in Fresno County.
The PATH Project intends to create community norm change regarding the use of marijuana by:
·        Increasing youth, young adult, and community knowledge regarding marijuana use
·        Preparing parents to be proactive and vigilant about the use of marijuana by their children
·        Recruiting the participation of law enforcement in marijuana prevention efforts
·        Providing opportunities for youth to take lead in countering the glamorization of marijuana
·        Providing youth and young adults with the skills necessary to refuse marijuana use
Program Activities Overview


§   Informational Presentations
§    Parent Presentations and Trainings
§    Informational Booths
§    Collaboration with Law Enforcement
§   Evidence-based interventions
§   Youth Leadership Activities
§   Community Advisory Board
§   Youth Advisory Board
§   School Based Education Services
§   Community Mobile Unit
§   Education via Social Networking


Have a Community or Youth Event? Contact us to have the PATH Mobile Unit attend!
For more information regarding the Performing Above the High Project or to get involved:
Address: 1680 West Shaw Avenue Fresno, California 93711 Email: pathproject@healthcollaborative.org
Main Phone: 559/ 221-6315 Main Fax: 559/ 221-6219
Contact the PATH TEAM directly at:


Evi Hernandez
Director of Program Services
P: (559) 244-4527
Daisy Lopez
Program Manager
P: (559) 244-4526




Araceli Chavez
Outreach Specialist
P: (559) 244-4559
Mao Moua
Outreach Specialist
P: (559) 244-4547
Shadaria McPherson
Outreach Specialist
P: (559) 244-4537


Funded by the Fresno County Department of Behavioral Health, Substance Abuse Services






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Funded by the Fresno County Department of Behavioral Health



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